Peterborough District Masonic Association

R. W. Drew Wilson, DDGM

Welcomes you to Peterborough

Rings, tuxedos, and secret handshakes; we are so much more.

Masons make good men better.

Freemasonry is the world’s most ancient and largest fraternal order.There is nothing nefarious or seriously secret about our organization. We welcome good men of all religious faiths and political stripe to join us. We welcome good men of all racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds. We dedicate our efforts to personal development so we can pursue our core purpose: serving the well-being of each other, those we love, and all others in our communities and the world.

Lodges across Peterborough District serve communities from the city to Campbellford, Hastings, Havelock to Keene, and Warkworth to Lakefield to Millbrook. We welcome your your interest. The best way to find out more: ask a Mason. Odds are very good you already know one. So, please reach out. We’d love to meet you too.

R. W. Drew Wilson, DDGM
Peterborough District, 2021-2023

Upcoming district events

👉 Day of Masonry Event - Bobcaygeon Saturday February 18, 2023

📱 District contacts

For more information on Freemasonry or the PDMA
please contact Peterborough District Masonic Assn.
VW Bro. A. Baker, Sec Treas.

Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario

☕️ Coffee Club

Lodge Building:
415 Rubidge St.,
Peterborough K9H 4E2

All Masons and guests are welcome to attend this opportunity for quality fraternity.

Weekly, Wednesday morning 9:00am to 11:00am

Hosted by VWB Roger Morton, WB Stephen Hedgecock (Peterborough Lodge #155) and company since 2011.

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